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Welcome to my blog! This has always been something I have wanted to do and I am so happy that it is finally happening. I believe timing is everything and even though it has been on my mind for years something kept me from starting it. But now, it is time. For basic information about what kind of content this blog will have please scroll to the bottom.

A photo that describes me pretty accurately.

I’d like to start by telling you a little about the girl behind the screen and the voice behind the text.

My name is Katie Ann Vaccarelli and I am 25 years old. I grew up in Orange County, New York (yes, New York not California) and a few years ago I moved to Manhattan to get my degree in Journalism and Creative Writing. Writing was always something that came easy to me so naturally I decided to major in it, eventually hopefully I could apply my personal passions to it. Whether it was to work in a magazine, do entertainment broadcasting or even have my own personal blog

But, writing is not what defines me. Writing is just a freedom of expression. I am an actor, a singer, a girl who is obsessed with fashion, a self taught make-up lover, a movie junkee, a wine connoisseur and lately an extreme advocate of living your best life to whatever ability you are able to at that time. (I will definitely write a post about this in the future.) I grew up doing musical theatre thanks to my father and was obsessed ever since. I was the girl watching Lizzie McGuire and saying to myself, that is going to be me. My dream would be to star in movies or my own show. Become a character that people are glued to their seats and enjoy watching.


I was the girl who was obsessed with make-up from a young age. I remember going into

My roommate, and the sole inventor of the Rockstar nickname, Erika Labuda.

freshmen year in my Catholic high school wearing bright green eyeshadows and having a caked face and being ridiculed by everyone. But, I didn’t care it was fun and a freedom of expression to me. Thank God I actually know how to do my makeup now. Make-up, like shoes and clothes, you can NEVER have enough.

I was the girl who made her parents buy her a sewing machine and while, unfortunately, I was not talented at learning to use it, I would tear apart my existing clothes and sew together a new creation for myself. I took a fashion design class in high school and originally applied to college for a major in Fashion Design. I always like to be different and stand-out.

First issue I was featured in for Seventeen Magazine.

When everyone else was in Hollister or Abercrombie and Uggs on dress down days, I was in Black leather boots and a black leather jacket. I would wear studded bracelets like I was ready to jump on a stage and perform in my very own concert. Basically, I earned the nickname Rockstar from a few. I also was a fashion intern at Seventeen Magazine as well as a model for them, a stylist on Americas Next Top Model and a visual specialist for Calvin Klein.

I was and I still am the girl who taught myself to play guitarenough to fill a notebook with songs I would write about love and heartbreak. This started before Taylor swift was a thing. Who drags her friends to karaoke every chance she gets. Who sang in every talent show in the tri-state area I could get my hands on.



The blondetourage. Jennifer Geoghan, myself, Haylee Kroll and Erika Labuda. (From left to right.)

I made the move from NYC to Hoboken, New Jersey almost two years ago with my roommate. BEST. DECISION. EVER. This place has become the home that I never knew I wanted at this age in my life. It saved me after a bad-breakup. Had I been living in Manhattan I think I would still be in a dark place. But, Hoboken. Hoboken has given me friends around almost every block in a mile radius. It’s that place you don’t text and premeditate plans with friends. It’s the place that you either show up at someone’s front door or shoot them a text, “Where are you?” and respond swiftly with a, “Be there in five” response. It’s the place your friends wake up in your apartment on the floor hysterical laughing about the night before and then walk home. It’s the place you go out 33032875_10214097260537411_3001863268647043072_nwith one or two people and end up with eight. I’ve always been that type of person growing up I had a very close group of friends that spent a lot of time together and I lost myself in the city in that sense. Here my hair dresser is my best friend, a girl I work with in the city who saw me getting off the train in Hoboken became my best friend instantly, my roommate met the love of her life and everyone else you basically meet at the bars, find out they live around the corner and you just become great friends. I even play on a kick-ass kickball team where we play for charity, but we’re absolutely savages. I found myself again here and that alone is why I could rant about Hoboken for another 800 words at least, but I’ll give it a rest.

I’m basically a fun, artistic, dreamer, who loves my friends more than anything. Used to be a guys-girl, but now I am a devoted girls-girl. I’m single and just enjoying my life to the best of my ability and watching my dreams unfold in front of my eyes. [Update: I’m not single anymore, but still enjoying my life to the fullest. Now more then ever before!]


This blog…

This blog is personal, but you will learn from it. I’d like to look at it as my own creation of my own online magazine. I will give my take on what’s in style, what to look out for and what to not wear. What kind of makeup is making waves. I will feature new products I am trying that I love. I will talk about life and lessons I’ve learned and I’m learning. I will add funny stories, inside secrets, interviews and of course BOYS.

I hope you can stay tuned and that you enjoy the content. I can’t wait to post for you all every week!


“The most important thing is to enjoy your life-to be happy- it’s all that matters.”

-Audrey Hepburn


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