First Impressions: Anonymous Guys Answer the Tough Questions You’re Too Afraid to Ask

You only get one chance to make a first good impression right? But what does that look like inside a guys mind? I had men anonymously answer your hardest questions as honestly as they could. Here’s what they had to say about FIRST IMPRESSIONS:

What is the first thing that stands out to you about a girl?

Outfit, accessories. Are you wearing something cool and different? If you’re wearing something that looks great on you and is different from the other girls around, I’m gonna notice.

How important is looks when it comes to a first impression 1-10?

I wish I could say it wasn’t important, but it is. It’s at least an 8. Looks aren’t everything, but they get you in the door.

What is one big IMMEDIATE “no-no” for you?

Bad breath. Gross. Pop a mint or something. Or if you’re way too sloppy– one too many cocktails, knocking stuff over, stumbling.

What’s one thing someone could do or say that would make an excellent first impression?

Make me laugh. Got a good joke or a funny observation about where we are? Hit me with it.

How open should a girl be the first time she meets someone? Where do you draw the line between a mystery you don’t want to waste your time solving and an open-book you can’t wait to close?

I think it’s pretty self-explanatory what’s oversharing on a first meeting. Tell me about your family, but maybe save childhood trauma for when we know each other better.

Am I dressed too slutty? What is acceptable and what says one night stand material?

I don’t really believe in “dressing too slutty.” Does what you’re wearing look good on you and does it fit properly? What’s “classy” to some might seem prudish to someone else. I find it hot when a girl wears clothes that shows off her assets (again, as long as everything fits nice).

Do I talk to you first or stare from across the bar and make it obvious I want you to approach me?

Depends. If I notice you, I’m going to try to talk to you. But if I’m oblivious (as a lot of guys are), feel free to talk to me first. Every guy I’ve ever met likes when the girl makes the first move.

If I want to start a conversation with you, but have no clue what to say–what is usually a safe bet?

A compliment always goes over well. What is it that caught your attention in the first place? Everyone wants to know that what they’re doing is working.

Name a time someone approached you and you were NOT feeling it & be honest about what turned you off.

I always appreciate the attempt. While I can’t really think of a specific time this happened, I know that if I’m not attracted to someone at all, no amount of confidence is going to change that. I’d do my best to make it clear (politely) that I’m not interested.

I might not be an Instagram model, but I have an amazing personality. How do I get your attention?

As I said before, make me laugh. Or do you have a cool bar trick or skill that you can potentially show off? Let’s see it. Do you kill karaoke? That always works for me.

Is saying a cheesy pick up line ever acceptable?

YES. Especially if it’s clever and cheesy. Always fun. It’s a good icebreaker because you can always laugh together about how lame it was. It shows you don’t take yourself too seriously.

What’s a tell tale sign that you’re not interested and that I’m wasting my time?

I mean, body language says a lot. If I’m turned away, suddenly very interested in something else, I’m probably not feeling it. Also short responses and making no attempt to keep the conversation moving probably means I’m not interested in going forward.

If you don’t ask for my number should I assume your not into it? Is it weird for me to ask?

I may not be thinking about it, but it can’t hurt to ask. If you’re thinking about asking for my number but can’t tell if I’m into you, just give me yours. Worst case scenario you don’t hear from me, and you’re no worse off than before.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” -Will Rogers


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