The 10 Best Moments In Every First Year of a Relationship

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but there are those downright moments that just make us smile to our core and make the downs worth while. The first year of a relationship is a pivotal time period. Some of the best heartwarming moments are during this time. Here are the top ten best moments in the first year of a relationship:

1. When you finally decide to make it official.

Forget games, forget other dates, forget it all. That moment when you finally say to yourself, “Oh crap. I really like this person,” hits you like a ton of bricks to the stomach. That leads to the overwhelming thought of, “Where is this going?”, as well as you totally not minding if he asked you to be his girlfriend. When he finally does, hallelujah.


2. The moment that you meet their family and you’re totally fine with them.

The anxiety! The nerves! There is so much that comes with meeting your significant other’s family for the first time. You’ve seen your aunts and uncles that fit seamlessly into your family and the ones who awkwardly don’t. We don’t just worry about them liking us…it’s also about us really liking them, because let’s face it if we end up with this person forever, we are with that family forever too. So when you meet the family and (hopefully) you both mutually get along, yet again, hallelujah.


3. When you realize the roads not going to be perfect and you’re okay with that.

You had your first big disagreement. Maybe it was a huge argument. You both needed to clear your heads. You realized you both think differently and you need to see their point of view. You realize it’s not going to be all peaches and sunshine. Instead of thinking it couldn’t work with your partner because of this, you thought of all of the reasons it does and why you want to work it out and move on.


4. When you start noticing you have two of everything at both of your apartments.

Hmm…I think this might be going somewhere when you both collectively own four toothbrushes, eight shampoos, four deodorants and he’s got a box of tampons under the sink.


5. The first trip you go on together.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway two hours away or a week on an island, nothing feels better then when you realize there is no other human you would want to be there with. Traveling is one of the greatest bonding experiences you can have as a couple together.


6. When one of you finally blurts out, “I love you” and the feeling is reciprocated.

What a scary thing to approach this topic of conversation. Every couple has a story about when they first said it. The story usually begins with someone blurting it out and then a painful few seconds that felt like two hours wondering if they would hear it back. But damn, when they do, fireworks go off in your heart.

7. When you finally make it insta-official.

Does it even count if their isn’t a photo of you both on Instagram? It’s such a statement to one, show them off and two, dramatically decrease the annoying DM’s coming into your inbox. Personally I am not a big fan of posting pictures too quickly into a relationship because if you breakup you have to delete them all. Hashtag no thank you. I’ll wait until I know it’s going somewhere to become “insta-official.”


8. When you’re going through a hard time and they are just there for you.

If you’re going through something dark, whether it be work, family issues or personal issues, it’s not necessarily a light part of your relationship. What makes this part so beautiful to look back on is that they helped you get through it. Whether that was because they let you be a shoulder to cry on, helped get your mind clear or just told you that they cared. They made something very hard a lot easier and for that we stay forever grateful.

9. When you realize how lucky you are to have an unspoken partner-in-crime.

Finally you have someone to binge that show with and help you destroy an online recipe you’d love to try. When it’s cold out and you’d usually just deal with it, they throw their arm around you, sometimes even the jacket off their own back. Maybe you had a terrible day and they surprise you with wine and your favorite dinner. Whatever it is, you’re both making each other’s day-to-day lives more enjoyable.


10. When you make your first big decision together.

Maybe you two want to get a dog or maybe even take a bigger step like moving in together. When a moment like this happens, you know you are both, whether you like it or not, bonded in a huge way forever. When you both make a choice like this together it’s such a priceless feeling to know you are both on the same page for what you see in the future.



“You are my new favorite feeling.”

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